9 / 20 / 2017 Wednesday

(Guest's Latest Shouts)

.LucarioWolf: ....
WucarioLolf: Hoi
.LucarioWolf: ............... Wow empty guests shouts
.LucarioWolf: eh, ASX190 if your still here ill always be here if you need anything.
.LucarioWolf: sooo... whats sup OneNinety or One_Ninety... seriously, how you mannaged to forget a password, that just baffle's me right now.
.LucarioWolf: i kinda figured you'd be online sometime on the other hand how you mannaged to forget a password is what really has me surprized. on the other hand its good to hear from you again since the shoutbox.net has been discontinue.
Ninety: Okay so my problem is that I forgot my password I really can't remember what it is...
Ninety: Wow you expect me to know that you were online and that I replied right away?
.LucarioWolf: sup
.Laymon: ok


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